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Plotting graphs is very easy with my system. The command for it is called graph. It is invoked as follows:

 graph( xwidth, yheight, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, func, func2, ... )

xwidth and yheight are width and height of the graph in PIXELS. xmin and xmax, as well as ymin and ymax, define minimum and maximum x and y values for the system of coordinates used on this graph.

func1, func2 etc are expressions that must be functions of x. You can plot a graph of one or more functions.

NO VARIABLES BESIDES 'x' are allowed in the function expressions!


 graph( 300, 200, 
        -10, 10, 
        -1, 10,
        6-x )

would plot a 300x200 pixel graph, with x coordinate between -10 and 10, and y coordinate between -1 and 10, of two functionsL x^1-1/2 and 6-x.