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[http://www.algebra.com/services/rendering/regression.mpl?f=special.txt Examples]
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To plot a matrix, use the following syntax:
matrix( siseX, sizeY,
  element_11, element_12,
This draws a matrix of dimensions sizeX and sizeY. The quantity of elements should be, obviously, sizeX multiplied by sizeY.
Elements of the matrix are expressions of any complexity.
Example of a 2x3 '''tall''' matrix:
matrix( 2, 3,
  1, 2,
  3, 4,
  5, 6
Note that '''matrix''' plots a matrix NOT enclosed in brackets. If you want it enclosed in brackets, please use brackets outside it:
    matrix( 2, 2,
      1, 2,
      3, 4
[http://www.algebra.com/services/rendering/regression.mpl?f=special.txt Examples]

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