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If you write a solution or a lesson, and want to explain to a student how to simplify something, give my expression simplifier a chance. My simplifier would try to simplify a formula and draw a very visual cartoon explaining simplification step by step.

All you have to do is say:

 {{{simplifier_cartoon( x^2-x*x/2 ) }}}

My server would draw a cartoon explaining simplification visually.

The simplifier does the following:

  • reduction of constant expressions
  • removal of unnecessary parentheses (being mindful of sign)
  • reduction of similar factors
  • reduction of similar terms
  • removal of powers of 0 and 1

I am working on expanding it and am open to suggestions. Feel free to click on the "Discussion" link on top of the page and add your request for a new simplification method. Add an example. Click here to play with my expression simplifier.