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Most websites make it very difficult to enter formulas in questions and in text. Not so on Algebra.Com.

When you submit a question, you can use powerful formula notation. You only need to know a few things about this huge system.

Enclose formulas into {{{ }}}. If you get stuck entering a valid formula, just remove {{{ and }}} and let the tutors figure it out. But your problem looks much better when formulas are displayed as they would be on your school blackboard.

Squares are entered using the CARET symbol:


Square root is entered using the sqrt function notation

 {{{sqrt( b^2-4ac )}}}

Equations and inequalities are entered using =, <, >, >=, <= signs:

 {{{x = sqrt( y^2+1 )}}}
 {{{x >= sqrt( y^2+1 )}}}
 {{{x <= sqrt( y^2+1 )}}}
 {{{x >= sqrt( y^2+1 )}}}