Including problems into lessons

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Now tutors can create lessons that incorporate problems and their solutions. I am envisioning that this would be used for creating "Frequently Asked Questions" sections where most typical problems would be shown with the most explanatory solutions.

This is a nice way to incorporate your old solutions that you are proud of, and to give them some good visibility.

To include solved problems into a lesson, type

*[problems 3456/, 4532, 6546/9876]

that means that problem 3456 would be included with no solutions mentioned (but with links to see solutions separately), problem 4532 would be included with all solutions shown, and problem 6546 would be shown with solution 9876. This gives you flexibility to not include solutions that you do not want your readers to see. Note that problems could and often do have more than one solution, often when one tutor spots a mistake by another tutor.

Like most markup statements enclosed in the "star and square bracket" notation, this statement can be repeated as many times as necessary, and interspersed with text. That allows you to create structured FAQ pages that include explanations and point to problems.