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All solvers mush show work. A solver that does not show work is invalid.
All solvers mush show work. A solver that does not show work is invalid.
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Revision as of 09:41, 15 January 2006

This site is about helping children learn math. It is not about providing an easy way to cheat on homework. Students come here hoping to cheat on their homework, but they should get more than they were hoping for. The standards are designed with this in mind.

This defines standards for both Solvers and Lessons.

A solver or lesson must follow the principle of CCCP. It should be:

  • Complete. That does not mean that they should discuss everything under the sun, but no important cases should be left out.
  • Correct. A lesson or solver should not be wrong.
  • Concise. A discussion of your uncle's 1972 fishing trip probably should be included.
  • Precise. They could contain any explanations that could help average students, but they should have mathematically correct definitions.

All solvers mush show work. A solver that does not show work is invalid.

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