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A quiz is a number of questions presented to a student in worksheet form. The student is supposed to solve them, and then check with the actual solution.

Since we already have thousands of well solved problems, creating a quiz is easy. They are edited the same way as our lessons, using the same editing system.

All you have to do is list the problem numbers in the quiz, like this:

 problems 1, 2, 3, 2736, 3245

The problems will be looked up by numbers and presented to students. Students can look at answers if they want to "cheat", or they can look at the whole worksheet with printed answers.

To create a quiz, go to any algebra.com's section, then select the "Quiz" tab, and click on "create a quiz". It is, say

 problems 3242, 4219, 876

or some such. Pick problems carefully -- it is your responsibility to ensure that they are logically related to the content of the section. There can be more than one quiz for any section, one could be word problems, other could be algebraic, etc.

Later I will add more functions to quizzes so that tutors creating them would not be limited to selecting only from solved problems.