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What it is

Algebra.Com has a Universal Simplifier with Work Shown. Even though it is a work in progress, my goal is to make it able to simplify any reasonable expression that a student might encounter, and to solve some equations. Eventually, it should be able to deal with formulas that use constants that are not expressible by finite sized decimal numbers, such as 1/3 or square root of 2.

Click here if you are a student and need help with entering expressions to simplify and solve

Here's the link to the simplifier:

My simplifier is an outgrowth of the formula plotting system. I want it to work better than any other competing web simplifier that shows work.

What it does

This list may be not quite up to date, but the simplifier does the following, as of now:

  • Reduce all constant expressions to single constants
  • Removes extraneous 1's in terms and zeros in expressions
  • Reduces similar terms and factors
  • Opens up extraneous parentheses, being mindful of signs
  • Reduces polynomials when it can figure out their roots
  • Solves equations
  • Others

What it will do

Future plans include: