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This article is part of the help section on Defining solvers.

Obviously, any solver needs to provide a solution to a problem that it is defining. The solution section does just that. As any other section, it is defined by entering, on a separate line, on the beginning of the line,

==section solution

A solution can be defined in two languages (so far):

  • Text-like language that simply has a few special tags that define a solution. This would be typical for a regular word problem , where a word problem would be reduced to a known math problem (such as a linear system) and then you would refer to the linear calculator. I call this malnguage the Markup language. See Defining markup solution.
  • Perl. Perl is a powerful programming language that allows to perform tasks of arbitrary complexity. Perl code is executed in a safe environment, so that malicious code would not be able to execute or gainunauthorized permission. You would write your code as you would write a script on your first day in your perl class. See Defining perl solution.

If you think that I need to add support for another programming language, please write me at I am open minded.

A solution must pass syntax checks to be usable. It has inputs defined in the input section, and must produce outputs defined in output section.

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