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Jump to: navigation, search offers intelligent people a unique opportunity to use your brains. You can define solvers for any problems of, more or less, any complexity. You can define solvers for algebra problems.

You will be able to write your own lessons and solvers, in an easy to understand way (similar to the way you are solving homework problems). I have thousands of children visiting every day, and therefore your creative efforts will have a great impact on many children needing math help. So you would be able to create nice looking formulae and graphs, plus I will add a function to upload your own images. The solvers would refer to one another, so a typical word problem solver could invoke a linear system solver or a quadratic solver (which would complete the solving job) without you having to replicate basic stuff. Your lessons and solvers will bear your name, picture, link to your site and your score will increase every time a solver or lesson is used. Scores should not matter, but a lesson or a solver is harder to write and a score should reflect that. The goal is to improve children's understanding of algebra, not to help them cheat on homework.

Right now the solver system is in beta. I am working hard on this feature, and it should be fully operational within days. Write me at ichudov AT algebra DOT com with your suggestions.