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This page discusses using perl in my Solvers.

Perl is a powerful language. Algebra.Com is written in perl. Perl can be used to define more powerful solvers, those that have various complex logic or many iterations.

Your solution, to be identified as perl, must contain a single word "perl" in the first part of the Solver solution section. That identifies it as having been written in perl.

The variables named in the Solver input section are all defined by the time the perl script is invoked. A perl script has two jobs:

  • To print explanations of the work shown
  • To compute variables named in the output section.

I expect that perl solvers will do the heavy lifting, and solve more complicated algebra problems, involving those including symbolic logic.

Example of the perl based solver can be found Age Solver that uses Linear System. Click on "View Source" to see its source code.

Just as markup based solutions, output of perl solutions (results of print statements) is checked for graphical expressions. Any expressions enclosed in triple curly braces {{{ }}} are rendered graphilcally. Plotting Formulas