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This article is part of the help section on Defining solvers.

A solver must have an output section. It defines the names of variables that are produces as outputs. Typically, these are the things that the problem is asking for. You have to name them and list them in the output section.

  • To define the variables that are outputs of this solver. Remember that other people may use (invoke) your solver as part of their own solutions, so as to not reinvent the wheel. For example, a linear system solver can be invoked by a typical age word problem. These variables are what they will get back from your solver once it does its job.
  • To help the automatic solver verifier use the check section to check if certain inputs produce desired outputs.
  • To use this section in checking answers to worksheets that could be autogenerated from your solver.

An output section is defined similarly to other section. In the text of your solver, on a new line, from the beginning of the line, type

==section output

Then proceed and type the names of your output. Example:

==section output
bobs_age, janes_age