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A solver is text with computer instrictions, that defines how to solve a particular math problem. It has to be formatted in a particular way, to make my server understand it. You can view source code of every solver on my site, to see how other solvers are done.

This language was designed with ease of use in mind. The goal is to make any intelligent human being, such as a college student or a math teacher or an advanced school student, to begin contributing with the minimum of hassle and learning curve. I need your help in making this system better, so if you have any suggestions, write me at

To create a solver, you would visit a section of, (such as this playground where you can mess with anything), where it would be apropriate, click on "Add Solver". You will then create a solver in the "development" area, and play with it until you like it. It will not be visible to others. Then you would add a validation (check) section, vallidate the solver, and promote it to production.

You can view source of any solver, which will hopefully help you understand how they work.

Complete history of all updates will be kept.

These pages explain what solvers are and how to define them.

A solver must contain several sections.